WACANGA, (wah-chən-gah)  noun, Sweet Grass, in the native American language of Lakota.

Committed to providing safe access to high 

quality MMJ products  to those with severe 

pain or a chronic debilitating medical 

condition, with all respect to State laws.

Wacanga's products are grown in small controlled batches, with soil as a medium using 100% organic nutrients and without harmful insecticides.

Tinctures are manufactured using high quality, high proof alcohol and 100% vegetable glycerine, food grade.

Hash is cold filtered, collected from a 70 micron screen.

Clones will be available. 
Wacanga will provide all products with minimal processing fee to disabled veterans and anyone under hospice care, if living with fixed income and can not afford our products, we can talk.

Proudly serving the Motor City and the greater Detroit metro area.